Why We Ask For a $2 Donation

Instead of Selling?? Suggested Donations even for Digital Version? What’s that about? Did you know that no one can sell any product on the streets of Phoenix without a Street Vendors permit that has High Barriers like a $150 fee per individual, restricted locations, background check – $150 fee and…

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The Street Fairy is in Need of Support!

Since the stay at home order was issued by the federal government and the great state of Arizona, The Street Fairy has not been able to solicit donations or seek out sponsorships (or pass out water). Eventhough StreetLights was only published online there were still significant monthly expenditures. We try…

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StreetLights StreetPaper

It’s All About Timing

My mom always tells me that there is a good reason when I don’t get what I want. I am going to trust her on this. I didn’t make the fundraising goal by the deadline I created. This doesn’t mean anything bad is going to happen, there are no negative…

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Julian Apodaca

Julian’s-Recovery Story

Hello my name is Julian Apodaca and I am a recovering alcoholic for over 7 years and an ex opiate addict of 4 years. I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD.  I suffer from PTSD after being shot in the chest at point blank range at the age of…

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Founding Donors

Would you like to become a Founding Donor with permanent status on our hero’s page? Did you know it’s super easy, legal, and full of blessings. Right now (Dec. 2019) we are seeking donations for the printing of our first issue and a few months of operational costs while we…

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