Glendale Implements New Program to Help Homeless – Kinda Sorta

In July, 2021, the city of Glendale, AZ, with a general population of about 250,000 residents, announced a new program to “help homeless.” You will find it on the city website in the news section. Sounds like good news, right? It appears that Glendale Community College was given some cash…

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Sober Living Homes Face Licensing and Inspection Compliance

Sober Living home face new regulations According to the budget there are not any current state licensing requirements or reglations of properties being used as Sober Living facilities. These are homes in the community with shared bedrooms that provides interim housing for people successfully leaving a recovery program.

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Maricopa county Homeless congregate in Phoenix

City Adds Staff and Enforcement to End Homelessness?

Certain announcements and recent events led me to study in depth the City of Phoenix approved budgets for 2018-19 and 2019-20. As stated by several city officals before, there is not one defined department and there doesn’t show any direct funds budgeted to end homelessness. Instead there is funding from…

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az hoards homeless money

Is Arizona Hoarding Funds Set A Side for Homeless?

Our govenor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law last month authorizing $50 million dollars in response to the statewide health crisis. Only $6.7 million is set aside to support food programs AND address the homelessness issues. Included in this funding, $5 million will go toward assisting homeless shelters in…

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