Building a Plan: How the CARES Act Can Boost Prevention Efforts

Communities all over the country are anxiously awaiting federal resources from the CARES Act to begin flowing. As the Alliance has addressed inprevious blog posts , these funds are desperately needed for those working to end homelessness. While they may be short of what researchers estimate we actually need to appropriately shelter and house everyone…

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The Intersection of Homelessness, Race, and the COVID-19 Crisis

This post is authored by Va Lecia Adams Kellum, Ph.D., President and CEO of St. Joseph Center in Los Angeles.  On any given night in America, there are over 500,000 people who are homeless. Many suffer from chronic health conditions and have limited access to health care. This is an untenable situation,…

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Outreach Homeless Urban Encampment

California’s Homeless Population is growing exponentially…..

This is one of the few articles I have read recently that points to specific actions that have caused this exponential growth. Alicia states the most obvious cause of living without a permanent shelter is the rising cost of housing and the simultaneously decreasing affordable housing units available. It is in the next paragraph though that I see as a very important and often overlooked cause of homelessness.

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