Vendors vs. Distributors

The word Vendors is used here as it is what is used by the industry.  We operate within the City of Phoenix boundaries. The city currently has an ordiance that requires all street vendors to be individually certified with a large city fee, background check and finger-printing. Also, this ordinance…

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helping homeless up

Arizona Gives!

The Street Fairy (.com) is proud to announce that we are participating in Arizona Gives Day! THE STREET FAIRY delivers extraordinary information and resources regarding homelessness and poverty in the Greater Phoenix Area. Because of our amazing donors & sponsors we are able to publish StreetLights – A PHX Street Paper…

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StreetLights StreetPaper

It’s All About Timing

My mom always tells me that there is a good reason when I don’t get what I want. I am going to trust her on this. I didn’t make the fundraising goal by the deadline I created. This doesn’t mean anything bad is going to happen, there are no negative…

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What Do We Do?

Trying to write an about me section is very difficult when the concept you are building is still more concept than anything else. So I will use my old “Magic Wand” hat trick to explain what the purpose of all these words really is. If I had a “Magic Wand”….…

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Just a little note….

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I just want to say thank you to all of the people who are already supporting this cause. Having your belief in me and my mission provides fuel to keep going and then the universe comes in and adds a great big boost with…

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Founding Donors

Would you like to become a Founding Donor with permanent status on our hero’s page? Did you know it’s super easy, legal, and full of blessings. Right now (Dec. 2019) we are seeking donations for the printing of our first issue and a few months of operational costs while we…

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INSP Vendor Week

What Is a Street Paper?

Through the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), I found there was a way to impact the homeless population in a positive way. I could also fulfill a dream of publishing inspiring stories of homeless individuals to incite change in perspectives. I could fulfill both of these goals with A…

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