The Street Fairy is in Need of Support!

Since the stay at home order was issued by the federal government and the great state of Arizona, The Street Fairy has not been able to solicit donations or seek out sponsorships (or pass out water). Eventhough StreetLights was only published online there were still significant monthly expenditures. We try…

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Homelessness is a the result of a situation that was out of their control.

Let’s Meet Hobo Harry!

A travel journey with Hobo Harry who ends up homeless after a series of tragedies beyond his control. We follow along the struggles and successes as Harry attempts to end his homelessness and be free of the shame and humiliation he lives with daily. Hobo Harry can be funny at times, sad, tragic and overjoyed with new successes each episode.

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What would you do with 27 million?

City of Phoenix Plans to house 925 additional people I just posted last week about the lack of plans to spend the additional budgeted monies of the state, county and city set aside to tackle the homelessness crisis in the greater Phoenix area. Governor Doug Ducey put $50 million aside…

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homeless on the streets of phoenix

The Dump

by Mollie Misty I work for a dumping ground. Not the kind, where on any given day, you will find people rummaging thru old and unwanted commodity or maybe searching out that forgotten antique, searching for any thing of value. I wish it were.

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Real Talk Brochure

We acknowledge shit is already tough for you, and unfortunately it is about to get worse. Together let’s help each other stay safe. Here are some helpful Harm Reduction suggestions and information.!
If you have suggestions to add let us know!

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Suggested Donation?

Suggested Donations even for Digital Version? What’s that about? Did you know that no one can sell any product on the streets of Phoenix without a Street Vendors permit that has High Barriers like a $150 fee, restricted locations, background check – $150 fee and limited times?  That’s why we…

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Homeless lives matter

CoronaVirus and YOU!

If you are homeless and or have limited access to television or radio, you may be one of the very few people on the planet who are not aware of what is going on.  There is a lot of misinformation out there as well as alarmist type rumors.  I want…

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   Hi my name is Nathan McNew and this is my story my brother (aka best friend) Anthony and me.  I was going through I rough time in my life about 8 years ago. This was the first time I went to rehab didn’t know what to expect. Many new…

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