Are You a No Drama Llama??

Start Hanging out with the NO DRAMA Llama.

Shut down the drama in your life. It’s unhealthy. Arguing and fighting creates dis-ease.

This post is from a champion of mine LesBrown and you can find him here on Facebook.

Stay away from negative, selfish, energy-draining relationships that do not honor you, or even worse – use you, abuse you, and take advantage of your kindness.

Don’t buy into their negativity or guilt trips. Resolve to live in peace.

Don’t attempt to change others. There’s enough work to do on yourself.

Develop relationships where all parties can grow, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect, love, and appreciation.

Free yourself from inner chaos by meditation, relaxation, and stillness. What you create inside of yourself will manifest outside yourself.

Create a sanctuary where you can live in peace, relax your mind, revive your spirit, and renew your purpose.

Are you resolving to live in PEACE in this new year?

What Say You??

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