Founding Donors

Would you like to become a Founding Donor with permanent status on our hero’s page? Did you know it’s super easy, legal, and full of blessings. Right now (Dec. 2019) we are seeking donations for the printing of our first issue and a few months of operational costs while we bring additional revenue streams online.

Founding Donors Carve Out Their Own Space

This website along with the StreetLights domain has ad space available to offer as an incentive for donations to get this dream published. There is a banner ad that runs the width of the page just above the title and there are multiple side bar opportunities, blog posts, static pages, print ads and lots more ideas.

Donations of $100 or more prior to publication will be able to utilize the digital ad space for any purpose (that is aligned with and relevant to our mission) and Donations of $500 or more will obtain an entire page of digital space to fill with interactive content, video, forms, survey’s, just about anything you can think of. Donors will also receive a quarter page ad space in the printed edition of the Zine. This too can be used to tell a story, advertise your company, offer services, or give kudos to someone who inspires you.

Donations of $1000 or more will receive a half page print ad, both a banner ad and side bar ad on this website and your own personal page/post on the blog!

All donors will be mentioned in our Fundraising updates and will retain permanent status of a Founding Donor.

Helping us Help Others Helps Everyone

Generosity of Spirit is just as valuable as any monetary amount.

If you choose not to donate you can still be giving with support and encouragement to keep on going just one more day.

What Say You??

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