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Free Dental Clinic Available Next Weekend

Friday Dec. 10 and Saturday Dec. 11th

The AZMOM – Mission of Mercy – brings back the very popular free dental clinic next weekend. It is being held again at the State Fairgrounds on Mc Dowell and Grand Ave at 1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85007. They offer all kinds of dental services from basic cleanings and fillings to extractions, root canals and crowns, The gates open at 5am and you can line up in car at the gate and then you will have to line up again once inside. They are not offering the Overnight Camping like they have in past years. The website states that there is no overnight lining up in your car either.

Do’s and Don’t

Do plan on being there all day. If you are not around when they call your name they move on and you lose your place in line. Do plan on being crowded and waiting in one of many cues for the routing of patients. Do expect wonderful care by the ALL VOLUNTEER providers.

Don’t bring your pet. Don’t bring your belongings. They are not allowing large bags inside so you will have to secure your personal belongings elsewhere. Don’t bring a tent or sleeping bags either as they are not going to be allowed inside either.

Don’t bring Firearms, Alcohol or Drugs as they are specifically prohibited on the grounds and inside.

What to Expect Inside

Come prepared for the weather when waiting in line. Have a plan to store your gear (tent, sleeping bag, blankets) while you are in the clinic, as large bags will not be permitted. Once capacity has been reached, the clinic doors will be closed and a sign will be placed outside as notification to others.

Once inside, patients will be seated and given a name tag and a number that corresponds with their place in line. Patients must maintain their place in line, in both the waiting room and clinic, and cannot be gone for a long period of time for any reason. They will be escorted, as necessary, by a volunteer for restroom and smoking breaks. Dental health students will be in the waiting area to talk with every patient about proper oral health care and brushing techniques.

Once they are seated, patients will be given a registration/release form to complete. Note that we will not be checking IDs, and any demographic information collected will only be used in aggregate so that we have statistics about our patient population.

Once they are registered, patients will be taken, in order, to medical triage. Their blood pressure will be taken and questions will be asked to determine that everyone is fit to safely receive dental treatment. From medical triage, they will be escorted to dental triage where a dentist will talk with them about recommended treatment.

After dental triage, patients will be taken to routing, where another dentist will confirm the decision made in dental triage and hand the patient a numbered card that tells the patient their place in line for the appropriate treatment area. Patients, as necessary, will be taken to the x-ray department before they receive treatment.

Once patients have received treatment, they will be escorted, as appropriate, to a post-op area where a dentist or dental student will explain proper post-treatment care and answer any questions. From there, all patients will take a short exit survey and then be escorted back outside.

Each registered patient that is healthy enough to receive treatment is guaranteed one service at CADS MOM. We, unfortunately, may not be able to take care of all of your dental needs, but will do our best to get you out of pain.

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