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Welcome to the FUTURE home of The Street Fairy!

This Site is in Development

As of December 22, 2019

Expected Launch is sometime in January 2020

This will be the home of The Street Fairy’s developing mission, That Water Chick’s Blog, StreetLights StreetZine, Vendor Profiles, Community Forum, and a Resource Directory. It’s possible that not all components will be live and functioning, much less be populated with relevant content by New Years Day, but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be long after!

What features and categories would you like to see here? Does a Gallery interest you with both our published and stock photography and curated images? Would you want to read news articles published nationwide about homelessness? Does a Government section have any value to you?

What about profiles for our vendors and the people behind the stories we highlight, Would you like to have an option to donate directly to that person or would you rather donations be run through this organization and eliminate the hassle of trying to obtain a physical representation of digital money? Do you want Profiles included with each Poetry submission?

Guest Posts…..How do you feel about vendors, community service organizations and like minded individuals posting their own articles? Do you want their background info on a profile page included with each post?

Do you prefer to read your poetry or hear an audio clip?

Would you like the opportunity to download Hi-Res files of submitted artwork so you can make your own prints for a nominal fee that supports the artist?

Leave your wish list ideas in the comments below and I will see if this Street Fairy can wave her magic wand and make it happen.

Keep checking back for new features and working links. In the mean time you can visit our Facebook Page where all the posts from previous site are located and current posts until this one is up and running beautifully.

The Street Fairy Facebook

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