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Homeless lives matter

being homeless puts you at higher risk of contracting coronavirus

If you are homeless and or have limited access to television or radio, you may be one of the very few people on the planet who are not aware of what is going on.  There is a lot of misinformation out there as well as alarmist type rumors.  I want to get real with you and tell you what I know to be true and factual as of 2pm Arizona time on March 18th, 2020.  

Coronavirus is a type of respitory (lung) illness that is extremely contagious.  Many people experience no symptoms or very mild cold like symptoms so they are unknowingly carrying and spreading the disease.  The Coronavirus, also called Covid-19, is deadly when someone has underlying health conditions or is elderly, an active drug user or homeless.

Young, healthy people are not dying unless there is other complications.  This is tragic because a young, healthy person could be spreading to their loved ones, unknowingly putting them in harms way.  

The virus lives on hard surfaces up to 3 days, like handrails, door handles, etc.  It can live on paper products up to 2 days.  Washing your hands with hot soapy water for 20 seconds or more can reduce the chance of catching and or spreading the virus.  20 seconds is singing  “Jingle Bells” all the way through (although I am sure one of you can come up with something better.) 

The most recent information I can find about contagiousness is that a person is contagious with or without symptoms.  If you have a fever you are already and have been spreading the disease.  There are somethings you can do to prevent the spread, don’t touch your face, especially eyes and don’t pick your nose or wounds without washing your hands first, or vigorously using hand sanitizer.  You can wear a medical mask to avoid both catching and spreading the virus. 

Medical masks are in very short supply and most are being reserved for health care providers so they don’t get sick while treating those that are already sick. You are still contagious up to 15 days after you recover. Meaning you must isolate for at least 2 weeks AFTER your fever ends to prevent the spread. 

Officials are asking you NOT to go the emergency room if you are experiencing symptoms but to call for help.  I have been told that the fire department is the best place to call for screening.  They will come to you, where ever you are and determine whether you need medical treatment or not.   Officials also ask that you do not call 911 unless there is extreme difficulty breathing.  If you are in doubt, you can call the non-emergency number for your area (listed below) or 211 from any phone. 

The Street Fairy is working on a brochure to hand out to the homeless & street people community with this information and will be updating this website as new information becomes available.   If you would like to distribute copies, please call me to arrange a pick up time and place.  If you can print your own and hand them out please do.  I need all the help I can get to share this information with as many people as possible in as big of an area as neccessary. 

If you have any additional questions, or information you would like to be added to our list of resources, please email or call Kymberley at 619-535-6749

I am self isolating because I am at high risk due to my MRSA infection and Valley Fever.  I can leave brochures in the office for you to pick up.  Yes, those with MRSA are at higher risk.  If you have an abcess, most likely you have MRSA and will need exceptional antibiotic treatment.  This antibiotic treatment compromises your regular immune system, making you more susceptible to contaminanents like Covid-19.  Anything you are doing to your body that harms your immune system makes you more likely to suffer the harshest of symptoms and possibly die from this virus.  People die when they run out of breath and can not gasp for air.  That is a horrible way to go, especially if you can prevent it. 

So, what can you do? 

Do NOT share pipes, joints, cigarettes or anything else that you use with your mouth.  Do NOT hold the needle in your mouth while prepping for a shot. Do NOT share or reuse needles.  Do NOT kiss, hug or even shake hands with people, no matter how well you know them or whatever.  Social distancing is staying 6 feet away from everyone and that is what is being ordered from the President down to local cops to reduce the spread. 

DO wash your hands at every possible chance.  DO use hand santitizer. DO use clean and sterile using methods.  DO wipe down your pipe with 91% alcohol before each time you put in your mouth.  DO stay away from family and friends and the public as much as possible for a minimum of 15 days.  DO prepare for the fact that pan handling will be deeply affected by people not wanting to get close enough to give you something.  (maybe using a cup for collecting change will help?)  DO be aware of what you are touching.  DO use bandana’s as masks when available (it’s better than nothing.)  DO use paper that you can throw away to open doors or touch sinks/toilets. DO try to stay current with your knowledge of what the government is saying about isolation. 

It is possible now that the President has invoked special disaster powers and authorized local governments to make up their own rules regarding the containment, treatment and prevention of the coronavirus, that you could be arrested just for being on the streets when a “shelter in place” order has been issued. 

Every state in America and more than 100 countries have current Coronavirus cases. It is still spreading, across the globe and it WILL get worse before it gets better.  Phoenix has not started an isolation order yet but it may be coming.  Currently there are only recommendations and suggestions to self isolate.  As of now only New York City and San Francisco have issued strict isolation orders that remove everyone from city streets. Some cities will be scooping up all the homeless people and putting them in containment areas.  These are things that are currently being worked on and planned out.  The next step up is military enforced quarnentine. 

So if you need to stock up on drugs, supplies, food, etc. please do so now.  Prepare for a time when you will be arrested for being seen.  Try to stay out of sight as much as possible, even during the day.  The governments have extrodinary powers right now and I just want you all to be safe and well. 

DO be safe, stay well and share this information as much as you can without sharing your germs 🙂


Download the TSF Covid + Homeless Brochure 2nd print

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