Below is the Charter that all Street Paper organizations sign and pledge to adhere to when they join up with the industry association,  the International Network of Street Papers.  We are honored to take on such a commitment even though we have not yet achieved membership status.  The Street Fairy and StreetLights Street Paper use the business model set forth by the INSP in hopes that we will be members very soon.  (we are seeking a sponsor for the legal filings required)

All Board Members, staff and vendors must agree to do their best to uphold these charter statements and to use this as a guiding path to success. By revisiting the agreement frequently as individuals and a team,  integrity becomes ingrained in the foundation of our organization. We are aware of the external accountabilty this agreement creates. We strive for success in ourselves, our organization, our business connections and ultimately our individual Vendors. (see our post on Vendors vs. Distributors)

The INSP Street Paper Charter sets out the principles of the international street paper movement and is signed by all members:

1.1   Aiming to help socially excluded people (in some countries only homeless people apply in this category) help themselves, through providing them with the means of earning an income and facilitating their re-integration into society, through providing social support.

1.2   Using all post-investment profits to finance support for the vendors, the socially excluded or social business. Each paper supplies its annual accounts to an agreed independent organisation for the purpose of financial transparency.

1.3   Aiming to provide vendors with a voice in the media and campaigning on behalf of the socially excluded.

1.4   Aiming towards creating quality street papers, which the vendors are proud to sell and the public are happy to buy. This breaks the cycle of dependency through empowerment.

1.5   Aiming towards social responsibility in business in terms of editorial, staff, vendor and environmental policies. Aiming not to spend excessively on professional staff, with money being targeted towards vendors and vendor support.

1.6   Supporting prospective street papers that share a common philosophy and intend to sign the street paper charter.

1.7   That no charter street paper shall enter the established selling area of an existing charter member.

We hope this charter inspires you as much as it does us. We also hope you will be motivated to get involved, either as a reader, contributor, donor, sponsor, staff, volunteer or vendor.

Please make contact if we can answer any questions.  Donations of all kinds are always appreciated, all funds go directly to the expenses of publishing the paper and providing Vendor related services as indicated above. 

Kymberley Page, Founder


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