Is Arizona Hoarding Funds Set A Side for Homeless?

Govenor Slow to Spend Funds

Our govenor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law last month authorizing $50 million dollars in response to the statewide health crisis. Only $6.7 million is set aside to support food programs AND address the homelessness issues.

Included in this funding, $5 million will go toward assisting homeless shelters in the prevention and slowing of the spread of COVID-19. This includes assisting with: Temporary Isolation and quarantine housing, sanitation supplies and services, and other direct resources as needed.

According the States Website

This is a seperate funding bill than the $55 million spending bill also signed last month before government officials left their posts for recess. This bill addresses the states health care related response to the coronavirus, including medical supplies, equipment, etc.

It seems that Ducey is slow to spend the money though. According to Joint Legislative Budget Committee, only $5 million has gone out to “homeless shelters, specifically for temporary isolation and quarantine housing, along with supplies and services, to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19.”

Also, according to the committee, only $1.75 million has been spent on nutruition support. This leaves a large amount of funds with no apparent plans on how to spend it. The city, county and state agencies appear to leave those plans up to a few charity programs that they work with. Local governements continue to defer accountability to individual programs that have been funded.

I have been unable to locate one individual or department on any level of local government that is responsible for the oversight of the homelessness crisis regardless of the current pandemic.

I do know that the Health and Human Services Campus (CASS) has been given additional funds to address the problem and expand services in their shelters and housing programs but even with that money they weren’t even able to add enough beds to shelter the number of people camping outside the campus let alone the rest of the city’s homeless who hide in the shadows to avoid police harrassment.

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