Homeless ID Project

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Due to COVID-19, Homeless ID Project has suspended face to face services, but we are making every effort to provide services remotely. 

Please call 602-223-3427 and leave a message, or email info@azhomeless.org for assistance. Make sure to provide a phone number, which we will need to contact you. Our goal is to get back to you within 24 hours if possible.

We will not be able to assist everyone but we will do all we can. Priority will be given to those working with a case manager. If you are not working with a case manager, we encourage you to do so.

Provides Assistance to obtain a state issued ID card.  The do the leg work and pay to get a certified copy of your birth certificate, the will also store it there for you if you want. If you don’t proof of an address you want the ID mailed to, they will use the CASS general delivery address.  (this resource has limited hours and long lines to get your mail.  They give you a letter for proof of the CASS mailing address. They also provide a voucher and a bus pass to get to the DMV.

They usually open at 7:30 am.  They are located inside the Brian Garcia Welcome Center right outside the CASS campus near 12th ave and Jefferson.  You will need to get in line by 6am or 6:30.  There are no bathrooms available outside. You have to put your name on the list, they usually take about 20-30 people a day and end intake interviews by 10:30-11am.  Be sure to listen for your name to be called.  The lady that calls the names has a very soft voice and it is loud in there at times.  If your name is called and you don’t appear, they move on to the next person and you go to the end of the line.

  • General Reception
  • 602-223-3427
  • 230 S 12th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85007, USA

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