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I founded the Peace Love Hope foundation because I wanted to give back to the community and help others.  I speak to people from all walks of life some of whom are in very difficult circumstances. Having been through some big struggles myself I feel like I can relate to them.  I try not to judge anyone nor to assume that I know how they feel. I usually let them talk and get it all out. 

Many times it truly helps to have good support!   After I listen carefully I try to give them something to be hopeful about. I tell them that there is always hope and how thinking positive can really change their situation. It may be because I am more stubborn than most (some might call it persistent) but I don’t give up easily on people. I know that there is always a way sometimes we just can’t see it ourselves. 

Usually, big changes start very small. Change can be overwhelming so what I try to do is take things in threes. If I’m looking for a job I will call three people or send three resumes a day.  It seems to work because it’s just enough to get moving but not so much as to be overwhelming.  I also develop a positive mantra. It can be as simple as “You’ve got this!” Or “you’re stronger than you think”.  Then I look up stories of people who have overcome great odds.  

I have seen a man with no arms or legs who became extremely successful. Another man thriving and enjoying life even though he can only move his eyes and talks through a computer. So I think to myself “Well you are able-bodied you aren’t sick and you have family and friends supporting you”.  Then I plunge in and face my fears.

I try my hardest and I accept that sometimes I will not be able to control everything. I do my best and I take whatever help I am offered.  Little by little a hopeless situation changes and I become hopeful, grateful and blessed!  I wish the same for you. 

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Peace Love and Light!!
Laura Zaki, Director, Founder

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