Pets of the Homeless

Yes, Many homeless have pets and although housed people may have a negative opinion about this, there are still Homeless Pets out there. Check out this article to see how you might be able to help or just learn a little bit more about why there are homeless pets in the first place.

Devin Morrisey wrote a really good article yesterday “Why Businesses should help the homeless and their pets this season explaining the benefits of giving, not just financially or materially, but also physically in the volunteering sense.

Giving is the most wonderful thing you can do to ease a weary soul, to restore a sense of humility and appreciation for humanity. But what if there weren’t any benefits? Would you still give? Isn’t it wonderful that the law of cause and effect comes into play here as well and when you give in one place you cause another area of your life to be blessed! I just love this universe!

Pets of the Homeless is a non-profit organization that is the only national organization focused exclusively on feeding and providing veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless people. They appear to focus its efforts towards raising awareness and finding solutions for the challenges that homeless people experience when they have their pets with them on the streets. They are based out of Carson City, NV but I think their mission is globally relevant. So Kudo’s to Pets of the Homeless and to Devin Morrisey for such a great article.

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