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Thank You for Donation

We here at The Street Fairy and StreetLights StreetPaper want to thank you for your generosity. We wish for you many blessings of prosperity and an abundance of Joy, Peace, Love.

We are solely funded through donations until we secure sponsors after the publication of the first edition. Printing costs are the biggest expense but we have other operating expenses too, as well as business set-up fees and the expenses of life until we are able to pay salaries to the two staff members.

Some of the other things we pay for photos we use on the website, blog and printed publications as I don’t want to use unlicensed artwork. As an artist I appreciate the time and effort people put into their art and want to have original work on our site.

Our Needs List

and Where Your Donation Will Go Unless Otherwise Designated:

All of my income comes through the donations here and what I am able to solicit when I am able, for water giveaways, peer support and homeless outreach. I don’t expect anything for free, I am very grateful to those generous people that support my endeavors. I truly believe I have a great deal to offer my community and to help others out there on the streets. Providing a ray of hope,a warm smile, some compassion and empathy and sometimes more when possible.

Donor Recognition

Unless you request otherwise, your donation will be acknowledged on our donors list. Those who donated before the printing of the first edition will remain on our founding donors list permanently.

501c3 Designation

Your donation could be a write of on your taxes if you itemize your deductions. I can issue you a receipt upon request. Our 501c3 Tax Id # is 84-3958800.

Our current status is pending submission of corporation documentation. I am awaiting funding for the $ 475 for the services. Maybe there is a para-legal or an attorney out there that could help with that?

So thank you again for your donation…Every bit helps and it will go to good use to further our work.

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