The Street Fairy is in Need of Support!

Since the stay at home order was issued by the federal government and the great state of Arizona, The Street Fairy has not been able to solicit donations or seek out sponsorships (or pass out water). Eventhough StreetLights was only published online there were still significant monthly expenditures. We try to keep our expenses as minimal as possible but there are some costs we can’t avoid.

  • $50 – Monthly internet
  • $15 – Hosting for website
  • $30 – Newspaper software and digital publication of StreetLights
  • $24 – Additional software for website and publications

Now that the heat has come to stay for several months, Water costs will be added next week when the stay at home order is lifted. The typical costs per week are about $40 for water and Ice, not including sandwiches which are offered when funding allows.

To add sandwiches, I can do at least 50 sandwiches in baggies for about $25.00. This is our biggest expenditure besides the actual printing of the newspaper. We do already have a sponsor for the printing at this time.

Our overhead is really minimal as we don’t have any paid staff and every penny that comes in is accounted for. Our monthly costs are under $400 even at the height of our outreach serving 50 – 100 thirsty people a day.

If you have the ability to sponsor any one of these line items – We would all be greatly appreciative. You would be identified as a sponsor both in print and on the Street Fairy website, unless you request not to. We can accept donations via PayPal by clicking on the button below or mailing a check (just message for address)

We need your support to continue to hand out kindness and water to those who need it most

We are also seeking a sponsor to fund our 501c3 filing. This is about $750 total for all state of Arizona, IRS, and city regulations and requirements. If you or your business could fund this endeavor you would be identified as a founding donor and provided with a tax deductible reciept and permanent identification on the Street Fairy website as well as any ad space you desire in the printed publication.

Every cent helps – even if you can only donate $1 it really does add up and we would be eternally grateful. We are making an impact in the homeless community here in Phoenix and this summer we will be out there in the heat doing outreach, recruiting distributors who want to earn an income and educating the public on sensitive issues surrounding homelessness and poverty in the greater Phoenix area.

Donate via PayPal by clicking this here

Thank you for reading this far, even if you can’t help monetarily, you can help by sharing our post and providing positive reviews and recommendations for our organization.

Thank you from the entire board and Kymberley Page – The Street Fairy.

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