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Too Many Citizens Forbidden From Voting

Prohibiting Felons from voting forever??

Many States Are Changing Their Laws

There’s a story today that places Arizona in 2nd to last place in the voter rights category.  When you are convicted of a crime at the Felony level, you loose your right to vote but even after you serve your sentence, complete your parole or probation, and return to society, your voting rights are still imprisoned….sometimes, and most times in Arizona, forever.  Check out this op-ed piece in todays AZ Central News. 

The reasons voting rights are taken away are so ridiculous you would think Trump was responsible but he wasn’t.  According to the piece in today: 

In a 2018 National Review article, two conservative scholars highlight the main critiques, saying felons lack “standards of responsibility and commitment,” and that many leave prison “unimproved.” Moreover, they insist that only law-abiding citizens should make our laws.  I say who better to make our laws than those who have experienced our laws in such a personal way?

This argument will go on for millennia or as long as we have crimes, law and prisons.  Many Republicans believe that ex-felons will vote Democratic so they are adverse to any increase in their voting numbers. This is not necessarily true and even less so proven because there are so few felons that have had their rights restored.  It is my belief that voting is a responsibility and should not be taken lightly.  All citizens who are governed by our laws, and constitution should be included in the choosing of the individuals that carry out that governance. 

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Are you undecided, if so why?  What are your reasons for your beliefs?  Are you willing to get involved?


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