Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?

Today’s Motivation from Les Brown at Facebook.

There are moments when you may wonder, “Why am I here?”

“Is it really worth it?” Will the problems and challenges ever end?”

Superficial answers just won’t do. During those moments, you must turn within to find real answers, true meaning, and your purpose for being.

The real answers to life are not found in your mind but are revealed in your heart.

Take the time to reflect on and deepen the reasons for your life. You have something special.

Whether you realize it or not, the world is a better place because you are here.

Nurture the spiritual part of yourself to deepen your connection with life and find your center.

You have the power within you to heal, strengthen, and express more in your life.

My Two Cents…..

If you don’t have a purpose or reason for taking another breath then remaining in your current state is the most probable thing to happen. You might find a reason or two by doing a little exercise with me.

Take a trip back in your mind to a time and place when all was well with the world and life was moderately good. Some may need to go way far back to early childhood and others can just go a little bit back to the Best Before date.

When you were at peace, what did you want out of life? What did you most enjoy doing? Is it possible to get back there in your life now? If not, can you use those memories of better times to explore new options? Think of these instead, What did that feel like? What kind of environment was it? How did I look at myself? Asking those kind of questions helps you form new ideas of where your life could be going if you put some intention into it.

When you are running the streets all day and all night the only intention is to survive the moment. I totally get that. By setting out on your mission with the intention of “doing one good thing for myself today, or this week” or “be kind to another and show gratitude” or “take one step to reconnect with ….” or any positive movement you want, you begin to build stairs out of the hole you may find yourself in today.

Life is journey not a destination we often look back at our history and wonder how did I end up here. Thinking about this may cause additional unnecessary pain and it can also be used for growth. Think of each of those shitty things that happened to you and the really messed up things you did as a rock or a stone and they keep coming down into this hole you’ve been stuck in……..When enough rocks come down, you can climb your way out! They are not obstacles or barriers any more but stone stairways to lead you out and onto the next phase of your journey.

And No, you won’t get crushed by the rocks falling down the hole, this is a special hole that has magic powers and nothing will crush you if you don’t want it to.

That Water Chick!

What Say You??

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