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Would $1,200 Help?

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You too can get the stimulus money being given out by the federal government.

I have used this tool to help 3 homeless people register to get the stimulus check that may be just what they need to secure housing –

Phone and email will be verified with a 6 digit code that needs to be entered before it can be submitted.

Zero income is ok, if you didn’t file 2018 taxes either, it’s ok, but you need to answer the question. If you didn’t file 2018 the answer is 0, if you did file – you need the AGI amount and it must match the return. Submissions will be rejected if there’s no match.

You can purchase a Walmart Money Card for $1 and load with the minimum $20 to use for the direct deposit, pretty much any prepaid debit card has it also. For this you need

  • Internet access to register the card online to get the direct deposit routing and account #
  • an address that personalized card will be sent to,
  • a real phone line (voip’s don’t work)
  • The 20 bucks can be used right away at register or online – can’t pull back out at atm until personalized card comes.
    • Plus $1 for the temporary card
    • there is a 4 digit pin you need to create for debit card purchases
    • and a password for online access

If you have any questions or need help just message Kymberley Page  or send email to streetlights @ the street


Good Luck

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