You’ve Got The Power!

You’ve Got The Power – Les Brown

No matter your situation. Whether you are sleeping in the alley and sitting at the lowest point in your life or you are already on your way out…. You are valuable, worthy and enough. You are the one with the power in spite of the real struggle just to get through the day alive.

Even though the Struggle is Real – You are the only one with the power to change the situation. All the help in the world, all the resources you need and the support you could want will not change a thing without your own internal power making it all come together at the right time for the right reason!

Today’s Motivation from Les Brown

In the face of adversity, challenging circumstances, and financial hardship, don’t underestimate who YOU are.

YOU got the POWER to turn your situation around.

YOU got the POWER to create success, great experiences, and abundance.

YOU got the POWER regardless of where you are, and what you’re facing.

At any moment, things can change for YOU in the blink of an eye.

YOU got the POWER. Don’t give up. Get up and get in the race.

Until YOU handle it with grace, it will stay in your face.

You can check out Les over on Facebook and learn more about his empowering thought processes and motivational speaking. He is truly one of my favorites to listen to.

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